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The mission of Maia Outrigger Canoe Club is to promote and develop our sport at all levels, focusing on a sense of unity and family while fostering excellence in recreation, competition and community involvement in our sport.

Maia is committed to providing the best possible environment for our members to reach their maximum potential through our clubs leadership and coaching.


"We wanted to create a club that felt more like a family/whanau which allowed people of all ages and paddling abilities to take part either socially or competitively."

Kei Va'emolo - Maia Founding Member



The core values guiding the club are: 

  • Inclusiveness - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

  • Outrigger Canoe Centered - Our activities are focused on the best interests and development of our paddlers and extended paddling community.

  • Ethical - Integrity guides the actions of all our members.

  • Respectful - We respect the rights and responsibilities of all Maia members and of the Outrigging community. We strive to create a culture within our club of honour and regard for all members.

  • Fun - We promote a sense of fun in all our programs and activities.

  • Culture - We respect and acknowledge the culture and tradition of our sport.

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