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Our juniors program is built on foundations of building community spirit, cultivating water skills and promoting character development.


One of the key features of Maia’s Tamariki (juniors) program is its accessibility to the wider Sydney community, with 80% of our junior paddlers residing in the Greater Western Sydney area where many of our families make a 2-2.5hour round trip every week to train at our location in Yarra Bay.


In light of this, Maia are committed to providing as much support to families and their involvement in our juniors program by making it accessible and affordable.  Junior club paddles, lifejackets and safety equipment are provided at all sessions. 


Our Tamariki program runs Sundays 8:30 -11:00am (October to April).

The program runs 3 age groups:

  • Minnows 8-10 years - The M'n'Ms

  • Under 12 years - The Skittles

  • Under 14 years - The Honu's


The juniors training sessions consists of our paddlers rotating through a set of stations:

  • Land fitness

  • Waka skillset - technique and safety training

  • On the water paddling

  • And then some swimming!

Whilst performance is important, what is most important is that our juniors develop a love and respect for our natural environment. 


Outrigger Canoeing is for everyone!


The Tamariki program principles instilled throughout our program and paddlers are: 

  1. Come prepared: No hat/sunscreen/water = no paddle. 

  2. “Many hands make light work” - Always lend a helping hand to get the mahi (work) done

  3. Karakia (blessing) is always said before we paddle 

  4. Character comes first: Respect yourself, your Waka (canoe), your club and above all, our Moana (ocean).

  5. Know your role in the Waka: Are you the caller? The steerer? Or do you set the pace?

  6. Paddle with purpose: Focus, be safe and have lots of fun along the way!


Overseeing our program are:

Juniors Support/ Administration Manager: Sue Martin 

Junior Coaches: Kani Te Manakura / Benjamin Weekes / Sam Wanoa

The program runs from the beginning of October to April.

Please contact Sue Martin for further details about how to get involved. 0416 147 618

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