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Maia in Maori means to be brave, bold, capable and confident. Based in Yarra Bay, Sydney, Maia Outrigger canoe club is a non-for-profit outrigger canoe club formed by a small group of experienced sprint and ocean racing paddlers.


Outrigger canoeing is our passion and we hope to pass the skills learnt and the love of the sport we have for it, on to those who are willing to learn.


Outrigger Canoeing is for everyone!


We aim to use outrigger canoeing as a tool to assist those within the community that are looking to become less socially isolated and want to improve not only their health and fitness but to also increase and foster valuable life skills and qualities such as leadership, communication skills, working as a team, discipline and self esteem.

Outrigger canoeing is a sport which doesn’t discriminate and has proven to transcend age, gender and cultural boundaries. It’s a sport for all, a sport which concentrates on team work, respect and harmony with nature and each other. So if you want to give it a go,or have been meaning to get back into this great “way of life” then contact us.

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